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GISonLine GISonLine is one of the leading geoinformation companies in the market in Poland. The company's innovative products and services are dedicated to managing spatial information and targeted at companies from the network and critical infrastructure industries, environmental protection and public administration.

The company's mission is to provide our clients with the most current data on their resources and to achieve synergies in the implemented GIS systems. The main areas of the company's activity are:
  • services for the implementation and integration of GIS systems,
  • digitization and migration of spatial data,
  • distribution assets passporting,
  • consulting, advisory and training services,
  • inventory and inspection of technical condition of equipment using unmanned aerial vehicles,
  • underground infrastructure detection services using locators and GPRs,

Since 2011, the company in Poland has been a business partner of ESRI Inc. from the USA, a producer and world leader on the spatial systems market.

The company's organizational structure consists of: Data Editing Department, Unmanned Systems Department and Implementation Department employing over 20 employees with extensive knowledge of GIS implementations including drone operators, specialists, analysts, programmers and GIS database administrators.
esri Esri Polska Ltd. provides support and technical services for Esri software users. It offers the full range of professional services including needs assessments, consulting services, system design and engineering, application design and development, implementation, and user training. Esri Polska Ltd. is the sole authorised representative of ESRI Inc., Redlands, California - a world leader in software development of geographic information systems (GIS) - and Esri products distributor, within the country of Poland.

Esri Polska Ltd. permanently co-operates with experts and partners, who develop professional GIS applications, which support users in many sectors of economy, such as: registers of real estates, power supply, physical planning, urban development, management of technical network infrastructure, monitoring of distribution of hazardous substances, fleet management and monitoring, forest management, development of waste management plans etc. Such collaboration provides flexibility of developed projects and high quality of their performance. The company is the exclusive distributor of ArcGIS, ESRI Inc., which creates a comprehensive platform for collecting, managing, presenting and analyzing geographic data. The solutions allow cooperation and data sharing in a selected location and time, and on any device.

Esri solutions are currently used by over a million users worldwide. The company's customers include units of local and central government, companies in the infrastructure sector, transport, environment, education and business.

Additional information: www.esri.pl, www.arcanagis.pl
SmartFactor SmartFactor is a dynamically developing company, created by an interdisciplinary team of people with many years of experience gained in projects implemented for municipalities and public administration, telecommunications, energy and insurance sectors. We provide solutions for intelligent management of road infrastructure, road lane and urban landscape. We support parking zone management using the Internet of Things technology. We seal the parking payment system. We develop Smart City Strategies and support urban innovations by organizing hackatons.
SkySnap> SkySnap is an innovative company that uses drones to digitize space and create measurable 3D models. Our specialists in image processing, remote sensing and GIS are a combination that provides comprehensive solutions. SkySnap provides products and services for the construction, energy, insurance, agriculture and public administration industries. Based on the collected materials, we perform various spatial analyzes and specialized reports.
NIE Networks Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIE Networks) owns and manages the electricity transmission and distribution networks in Northern Ireland. It has almost 900,000 connected customers, 50,000km of networks and 1,200 staff. NIE Networks is an independent subsidiary of ESB, Irelands largest electricity utility.
Tauron Dystrybucja TAURON Dystrybucja S.A. is a key company from the TAURON Group. It distributes electricity using distribution networks located in southern Poland. It's the largest energy distributor in Poland. It distributes 50 TWh of electricity in the area of 57 940 km2, which constitutes 18.5% of the area of Poland. It focuses on ensuring electricity supply to customers based on best practices that guarantee an increase in company value. Serves 5.6 million customers. To ensure the implementation of strategic goals, it actively seeks for innovative solutions. Participates in research and development and implements new technologies, with particular emphasis on smart grid technology.
PKP eneregtyka 200 PKP Energetyka S.A. is Poland’s leader in the traction network construction and maintenance services and in railway power engineering. It has been present on the Polish market since 2001 and is owned by one of the world’s largest investment funds – CVC Capital Partners. Its key business object is to sell and supply electricity. The company employs almost 5,000 employees in nine plants across Poland and is the only DSO with a nationwide distribution network.
For several years now, PKP Energetyka has been consistently deploying modern technology solutions to enhance the quality, safety and efficiency of its operations. The company has already implemented a Workforce Management system, IT tools supporting distribution network and railway traffic safety management, mobile and virtual training solutions. It is active in Center for Railway Energy Efficiency (CEEK) – CEEK.
innogy OPERATOR 200 Innogy Stoen Operator Sp. z o.o. manages the capital's power network. Carries out the tasks of the Distribution System Operator. Innogy Stoen Operator Sp. z o.o. commenced operations on July 1, 2007, as a result of compulsory unbundling of sales and distribution of energy, continuing the previously implemented investments in the capital's electricity network. Currently, the Company supplies energy to over a million customers in Warsaw and the surrounding area. Thanks to high-class specialists, significant investment outlays, as well as modern, environmentally friendly technologies, it maintains the highest standards of network operation. innogy Stoen Operator is constantly making sure that it provides energy for the residents of Warsaw. Technical services constantly monitor the condition of the power grid, perform necessary operational works and watch over the city's energy security 24 hours a day.
enea operator Enea Operator sp.z o.o. is responsible for the distribution of electricity. The company manages an energy network measuring over 100,000 km, through which it supplies electricity to almost 2.3 million customers, connecting several thousand new to the network every year. Its primary task is to provide customers with continuous energy supplies with high quality parameters.
energa-operator The main task of ENERGA-OPERATOR SA as the Distribution System Operator is the distribution of electricity to customers the energy network it manages. In accordance with the requirements of the license for distribution activities, ENERGA-OPERATOR is responsible for the development, operation and modernization of the transmission infrastructure in the area of operation in order to provide consumers connected to the network with energy of correct quality parameters. Therefore, ENERGA-OPERATOR offers a service of supplying energy, but not selling it anymore. The tasks of ENERGA-OPERATOR include:
  • conducting network traffic in the distribution network in an efficient manner, while maintaining the required reliability of electricity supply and quality of its delivery
  • cooperation with other power system operators or energy enterprises in order to ensure the coherence of power systems and coordinate their development, as well as the reliable and effective functioning of these systems;
  • disposing of the power of generating units connected to the distribution network, excluding generating units with an achieved power of 50 MW or higher, connected to a coordinated 110 kV network;
  • system balancing, with the exception of balancing current electricity demand with supply of this energy, and system congestion management;
  • purchase of electricity to cover losses arising in the distribution network during the distribution of electricity through this network and the use of transparent and non-discriminatory market procedures when purchasing this energy;
  • providing network users and operators of other power systems with which the system is connected with information on the conditions for the provision of electricity distribution services and network management necessary to access and use the distribution network;
  • enabling the implementation of electricity sales contracts concluded by customers connected to the network
  • cooperation with the power transmission system operator in developing the plans referred to in para. 2 point 13;
  • compliance with the terms of cooperation with the power transmission system operator in the field of functioning of the coordinated 110 kV network;
  • development of a normal distribution network operation system in consultation with neighboring electricity distribution system operators, and cooperation with the electricity transmission system operator in the development of a normal network operation system for a coordinated 110 kV network.
eurelectric The Union of the Electricity Industry - Eurelectric is the sector association which represents the common interests of the electricity industry at pan-European level, plus its affiliates and associates on several other continents. We currently has over 34 full members, representing the electricity industry in 32 European countries. Eurelectric’s work covers all major issues affecting this sector, from markets to energy policy, environment & sustainable development, retail customers, distribution networks and many other energy related topics.